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2020 Grand i10


It has got the looks

Everything about the Grand i10 makes a clear, confident impression.


A master of urban mobility

Contemporary design, sleek character lines, and bold stance take its oomph factor to whole new level.HME_IA_exterior_car_rear



Spectacularly spacious

Class-leading internal dimensions combined with a choice of color packages give the
GRAND i10 an impressive advantage.

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1.2 MPi gasoline engine

The 16V DOHC Kappa engine with dual Variable timing valve train (VTVT) technology provides you the best of both worlds – superior mileage and optimum performance.
The VTVT system controls the valve operation depending upon the engine requirement leading to better efficiency with lower emissions.
Performance infographic of 1.2 MPi gasoline engine


Anti-lock brake system (ABS)

The Anti-lock brake system (ABS) prevents skidding and retains car’s steer ability on slippery surfaces.
It also enables stable braking and restricts wheel lock-up during panic braking.

Anti-lock brake system operating scenario illustration

Rear parking assist system (RPAS)

Useful for parking in tight spaces, the parking assist detects obstructions while reversing with the help of a proximity sensing buzzer and minimizes the risk of a possible collision.

Rear parking assist system sensor illustration on tangerine orange Grand i10


Supervision cluster

The supervision instrument cluster is aesthetically designed for the maximum visibility.
Easy-to-read dials, along with the eye-soothing blue & white illumination gives the interior of Grand i10 additional nice touch.

The supervision instrument cluster

Steering wheel remote control

From the driver seat of the Grand i10 you can operate a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone without having to take your hands off from the steering wheel.
Steering wheel remote control

Air conditioning system

The aesthetically designed and easy to reach dials of air recirculation system control the cabin environment effectively.
Air conditioning system illustrated



– Glove Box with Illuminations
– Air Conditioning
– Immobilizer
– USB and AUX-In
– High Grade Audio
– Steering Remote Control
– Power Windows
– Tinted Window
– Alloy Wheels
– Side Mirror Repeater
– Back Up Camera
– Fog Lights
– Keyless Entry with Alarm
– Bluetooth USB and Aux-In
– Combination Leather/Cloth Seats Folding Seat
– Folding Type Key

Overall Length (mm): 3,765
Overall Width (mm): 1,660 (excluding door mirrors) / 1,943 (including door mirrors)
Overall Height (mm): 1,520
Wheelbase (mm): 2,425
Front Wheeltread (mm): 1,479
Rear Wheeltread (mm): 1,493
Front Overhang (mm): 705
Rear Overhang (mm): 635

Cargo Volume (VDA; liter): 1202

Lightest Curb Weight (kg): 935
Heaviest Curb Weight (kg): 1,003
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg): 1,420

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