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Grand Santa Fe


Details make its design exceptional.

The standard 18-inch alloy wheels and available LED taillights give you plenty of opportunities to attract attention.
Substance and style create a premium experience.

Side view of silver Grand Santa Fe parked outdoor and people passing behind



Premium comfort in every way

There is no better way to feel relaxed than the home-like comfort and
first-class accommodation of the Grand Santa Fe.

grand santa fe interior rear seat


Drive wide open.

Panoramic SunroofSure, the panoramic sunroof gives you better access to the great outdoors.
But it completely transforms the interior by adding light and the feeling of increased space.
Its shade can be adjusted to increase ambient light in the cabin or its glass panels opened up for added fresh air.


2.2 CRDi diesel engine

2.2 CRDi diesel engine delivers exceptional satisfaction with a maximum output of 193 ps at 3,800 rpm and a maximum torque of 45.0 kg·m at 1,750 ~ 2,750 rpm.

Infographic about 2.2 CRDi diesel engine performance

3.3 MPi gasoline engine

3.3 V6 MPi gasoline engine boasts a maximum output of 270 ps at 6,400 rpm and a maximum torque of 32.4 kg·m at 5,300 rpm.
Infographic about 3.3 MPi gasoline engine performance

6-speed automatic transmission

6-speed automatic transmission comes standard with better fuel economy to offer you maximum driving comfort and a smoother ride.
6-speed automatic transmission


Electronic stability control (ESC) and Vehicle stability management (VSM)

Reliable Electronic stability control (ESC) keeps all wheels firm in every curve along with Vehicle stability management (VSM) that optimizes directional stability by controlling the Motor driven power-steering (MDPS) and brakes on each wheel.

Infographic road scenario about Electronic stability control and Vehicle stability management

Anti-lock brake system (ABS)

No more worries about your brakes locking up or skidding.
Anti-lock brake system (ABS) enables better control and handling by compensating for over-braking.
Infographic road scenario about Electronic stability control and Vehicle stability management

Downhill brake control (DBC) and Hill-start assist control (HAC)

Tackle any inclines with confidence.
Downhill brake control (DBC) helps you maintain greater control and stability on steep, downhill surfaces while Hill-start assist control (HAC) automatically initiates brakes to prevent the car from rolling back.
Illustration of silver Grand Santa Fe on the hill from the side viewpoint


Rear-view display system

A warning sensor in the rear bumper makes backing up safe every time by identifying any small objects in the way to prevent potential accidents when backing up.

Rear-view display system

Premium sound system

Enjoy the multi-dimensional sound quality of Hyundai’s premium sound system from any seating with high-performance speakers plus an optional external amplifier to maximizing driving enjoyment.
Graphic of sound system illustrated around Grand Sanfa Fe


– Audio Remote Control
– Bluetooth Hands Free System
– Back Warning System
– Corner’s Light
– Led Lights
– Luggage Net
– Mud Guard
– Mirror Folding
– Thermo Plastic Olefin
– Keyless Entry with Alarm
– Full Spare Tire
– Chrome Grill
– Immobilizer
– Center Console
– Electronic Stability Control
– Smart Tailgate System
– Leather Seats
– Alloy Wheel 19”
– Privacy Glass
– Super Vision Cluster
– Power Steering
– Dual Airbag
– High-Grade Audio
– Solar Glass
– Speaker System with Tweeters
– Roof Rack
– Sunroof Electric Tilting & Slide
– Rear Air Condition System
– Drive Mode Control System
– Visor with Mirror
– Seat Folding System
– Glove Box Cooling
– Power Seat


Overall Length (mm): 4,905
Overall Width (mm): 1,885 (excluding door mirrors) / 2,179 (including door mirrors)
Overall Height (mm): 1,685 (1,695)
Wheelbase (mm): 2,800
Front Wheel tread (mm): 1,628
Rear Wheel tread (mm): 1,639
Front Overhang (mm): 955
Rear Overhang (mm): 1,150

Lightest Curb Weight (kg): 1,749
Heaviest Curb Weight (kg): 1,889
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg): 2,600

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