Hyundai Motor Extends Warranties for

More than 1 Million Vehicles Worldwide.

  • Hyundai C A R E extends original warranties that expire between March 1, 2020 and May 31, 2020  until  May 31, 2020.
  • Extended warranty covers more than 1.21 million Passenger vehicles worldwide
  • Hyundai Motor to contact eligible customers individually.

Willemstad, April 2, 2020 – Hyundai Motor Company today launched Hyundai C A R E, a warranty extension policy for its vehicles worldwide. The program aims to support Hyundai customers who may face difficulties in getting vehicle maintenance due to restricted access to service centers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hyundai C A R E ensures that all Hyundai vehicles with original valid  warranties that expire between March 1, and May 31, 2020, will benefit from a warranty extension until May 31, 2020.  More than 1.21 million Hyundai vehicles in 175 countries will be eligible for the Hyundai C A R E warranty extension. A km. extension is not included.

Hyundai’s decision comes amid a global reaction to the outbreak of COVID-19, which has caused many countries to take various precautionary measures that include closing non-essential facilities. With Hyundai C A R E, the company expects to help address any concerns customers may have about being unable to visit a service center to get vehicle maintenance or warranty repairs during government-imposed lockdowns.

The well-being of Hyundai customers and employees is a high priority at the company, which is closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and complying with measures in local markets to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus.

“We are aware that many of our customers may have limited or no access to vehicle servicing during these extraordinary times,” said Wonhong Cho, Executive
Vice President and Head of The  Customer Experience Division at Hyundai Motor.

“With Hyundai C A R E, we wish to set their minds at ease regarding eligibility for warranty repairs and related services in the coming months. Not only do we care about our customers’ health and safety, we care about the ‘health’ and safety of their vehicles as well.”

Hyundai Motor in Curacao will contact all affected customers separately by e-mail and phone in the days after the lock down, with more details about the
Hyundai C A R E program.

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Hyundai Awarded As The Most Reliable Car Brand of 2018

Apresiabel miembro di famia Hyundai,

Nos kier a felisitá ABO di a skohe e marka #1 aki na Kòrsou. Awor bo tin mas rason pa sintibo orguyoso di ta pertenesé na e famia di Hyundai.
Paso bo tabata sa ku Hyundai a risibí e premio komo e marka di mas konfiabel di 2018?

Asina mes, Hyundai a sali na promé lugá den e enkuestanan ku a ser hasi pa JD Power un kompania mundialmente konosí i gigante den enkuesta. Segun e enkuestanan, Hyundai a sali na promé lugá komo e marka ku tabata tin ménos kantidat di fayo pa kada 100 vehíkulo, kaminda ku propietarionan di e vehíkulonan di tur marka aya na Inglatera i ku tin e vehíkulo entre 1 – 3 aña a ser enkuesta.

Ora bo ta ofresé e mihó kalidat, bo por ofresé e mihó garantia tambe. P’esei Hyundai ta ofresé riba tur nos modèl nobo nan e mihó garantia aki na Kòrsou. Pabien un biaha mas i sintibo super orguyoso di ta pertenesé na e gran famia di Hyundai!

Athunto e artíkulo ku e korant Antilliaans Dagblad a publiká dia 28 di yüli 2018.

Beste lid van de Hyundai-familie,

Hierbij willen we u graag feliciteren dat u voor het #1-automerk hier op Curacao hebt gekozen. U mag zeker trots zijn dat u deel uitmaakt van onze Hyundai-familie.
Uit een betrouwbaarheidsonderzoek dat uitgevoerd werd door het gerenommeerd onderzoeksbureau J.D. Power Engeland, werd Hyundai uitgeroepen tot het meest betrouwbare automerk van 2018.

Er werd een enquête gedaan met oorspronkelijke eigenaars van verschillende automerken in Engeland met een eigendomsperiode van 1 tot 3 jaar. De uitgangspunt van het onderzoek was om het aantal problemen te meten die de eigenaars de afgelopen 12 maanden ondervonden. Hyundai behaalde de minste aantal fouten per 100 auto’s in het onderzoek.

Kortom, hyundai is het meest betrouwbare en kwalitatieve automerk en dat kan Hyundai ook zeker garanderen, met onze 5 jaar garantie!

Nogmaals gefeliciteerd en wij zijn trots dat u deel uitmaakt van onze Hyundai-familie!
Als bijlage toegevoegd: Artikel “Hyundai komt als beste uit betrouwbaarheidsonderzoek” die in de lokale Antilliaanse Dagblad op 28 Juli 2018 gepubliceerd werd.